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SMIC is the best Dealer of Acoustic Enclosures in India The Acoustic Enclosures are made of M.S. Frame work of two wall type on rigid base of M.S Channels outside wall is covered with 16SWG M.S. sheets and inside wall is covered with either Aluminium or M.S. perforated sheets. In between these two walls, sound absorbing material like thermocool, glasswool, mineral wool is padded. At either side of the container two doors will be provided. The doors of the Acoustic are provided fixed type. The Acoustic Suspension Enclosure will be provided with inlet and outlet specially designed lovers for ventilation and sound absorption for air movement across the enclosure. A fresh air fan/Blower is provided to ensure sufficient air inside the container which avoids derating of the engine. Exhaust pipe from the engine manifold is taken through the top of the container and a residential silencer is provided on top of the container. The dimensions of the container are so fixed that sufficient space is available for minor and semi major repairs of the D.G. Set. Additionally, we are reckoned as one of the preeminent Sound Proof Acoustic Enclosures Suppliers in India. Advantages of having sound proof container : Approximately at double the cost of the ordinary generator room, you can go in for sound proof container which reduces sound Pollution, whereby you can be happy with neighbors as well as pollution department. It can be had in a open place safely as it is made to all weather conditions. It can be made detachable also so that if can be fixed in cellars and also can be shifted to other place when required. Acoustic Enclosures Manufacturers , Suppliers in Telangana India.
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